Lightning Roulette Slot

Who doesn’t love roulette? It’s a classic game where even non-gamblers can enjoy the ball bouncing from pocket to pocket, but as all things must do to survive, it has evolved. Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette is a high octane reimagining of the timeless classic.

Unlike a slot machine, Lightning Roulette gives you a chance to interact with the host and other players as the bets come through. There is a showmanship and grandiosity that Lightning Roulette provides that you simply can’t get from slots. The posh black and gold color scheme gives a luxurious aesthetic that reflects the big payouts you can win. Unlike traditional roulette, payouts can reach up to 500X. How? Lucky Number payouts.

Lightning Roulette Slot

What Makes Lightning Roulette Different?

As your delightful and entertaining host spins the wheel and ball bets will come in. Once bets are closed, the host pulls a lever and that reveals the Lucky Numbers and their multipliers. Anywhere from two to five Lucky Numbers will appear on the board and have their multipliers with them. The multipliers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X. If you placed a bet on a single number that made its way onto the board, your multiplier has the chance to leap up into the stratosphere.

A straight bet in Lightning Roulette pays only 30:1, so what is the deal? The offset is there to ensure that the big multipliers are paid out. In Lightning Roulette, you will have to figure out what approach makes you confident you can win, because it only takes one of the big 500X wins to set you up. This volatility gives you far more excitement than a slot machine, even though slots are highly volatile.

Strategies and Tips

Ultimately you can’t bet Lightning Roulette like you do normal odds Roulette. Typical strategies, like the Martindale, won’t really work here because the name of the game is volatility. The best thing you can do is to distribute as much as you can afford across as many straight up numbers you can to give yourself the best chance at the Lucky Numbers and their insane multipliers.

Even money bets like odds/evens and red/black isn’t necessarily the best approach for Lightning Roulette. Instead consider alternatives such as neighbor bets, tiers, majority of straight up numbers, or even betting every number. Try a few bets to see what numbers are hot and who knows, you may get to see that elusive 500X Lucky Number! Hopefully you bet on it.

Lightning Roulette Spin

The fun and excitement of Roulette is tried and true. There are countless strategies to employ to try to overcome that pesky house edge. It also offers some of the best odds in the casino. If you bet evens/odds or red/black, that is as close to 50/50 with every spin. That really doesn’t leave much room to win massive payouts though.

That’s right where Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette comes in. The update to the well known casino game offers an exciting alternative that gives players the chance to win up to 500X with every spin of the wheel. In normal odds Roulette, you may feel like the winnings have a ceiling, but with Lightning Roulette, you can turn your luck around in a massive way that will make you crave the next spin.

The Lucky Numbers

How do the payouts go so high in Lightning Roulette? The answer is found in the Lucky Numbers. You are placed at an electronic Roulette wheel and the host spins the wheel and lets go of the ball. As it revolves around the pockets the betting will close. As this happens, your host pulls a golden lever that is fit for a James Bond movie’s trap door.

On a beautifully designed golden screen, anywhere from 2 to 5 Lucky Numbers will appear. The wheel itself lights up as it spins to show those Lucky Numbers. The number will be associated with a brand new multiplier. The multipliers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X. This takes that bit of excitement you get and dials it up massively. Once you see that you have a wager on one of the numbers, you could be in for a big payout.

30:1 are your odds for a normal straight bet win on Lightning Roulette. Basic math says that there are more pockets than that on a wheel. The offset odds are to payout the Lucky Number winners that can reach up to 500X on any given spin. This means you can win far more money in far less time in Lightning Roulette when compared to the normal odds mode you are used to.

Can I Use My Old Strategies?

You can use your tried and true roulette strategies, but what would be the point? If you want to do that, the normal odds tables are over there. This is Lightning Roulette after all. Make use of the volatility of the straight up bets that you cannot get from normal odds Roulette. Try betting on neighbors, half the wheel on straight bets, or even on every single number. You may lose multiple times over, but it only takes one spin to turn those losses into massive wins.

Conventional strategies just aren’t the best per spin value in Lightning Roulette. Playing the individual numbers is far more logical due to the volatility of the odds of the Lucky Numbers. Try a few spins and see what happens!

Skip the Lines and Smoke

Since the onset of the pandemic, more and more services and businesses have found themselves doing more online business. The two year process weeded out the contenders and pretenders of the remote live gaming industry. Right at the top of this list is Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette.

Lightning Roulette provides players an exciting and easily accessible online gambling experience that most people have to go to the casino to get.

More on the Line, Online

Normal odds Roulette tops out at a 37:1 payout. That is a decent payout, but Lightning Roulette online tops players out at up to 500X of their wagers. This multiplier is more of a slot machine multiplier, and is the secret to get massive winnings online.

Gameplay Basics

A single payout offers a 30:1 payout. The reduction is necessary to absorb the multipliers that come with the Lucky Numbers!

Lightning Roulette online follows the template laid out by normal odds roulette with an electric supercharge of winnings. The host will adhere to normal odds Roulette protocols until it is time to unveil the elusive Lucky Numbers.

After bets close, the host pulls a lever and the Lucky Numbers are there for everyone online to see. Even their space on the board lights up giving the air even more electricity. The Lucky Number multipliers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X.

How Many Lucky Numbers are There?

Lucky Numbers, and their respective multipliers appear in groups of 2 to 5. The selective 500X multiplier won’t be in every round, but 100-300X are incredibly common. Even those multipliers make the online game worth trying.

Black and Gold

The HUD, board, and chat all follow an appealing black and gold color scheme that screams luxury. It is very easy to get lost in the visually pleasing features of this online game.

Be Yourself

This is NOT normal odds Roulette. I repeat, it is not normal odds Roulette. Things that work there won’t necessarily work here. You can play it safe and do what everyone else is doing, but when has anyone ever made history that way?

Feel free to explore strategies for yourself. Stick around in a lobby and keep an eye on what is working, you may be surprised. The volatility of the odds and multipliers of the Lucky Numbers are a tool that normal odds Roulette doesn’t have, so just use it!