Lightning Roulette Play

How many cliches do we have thanks to the widespread popularity of Roulette? I’m not too sure, but the well known classic is a staple casino game that is always a must-play when you find yourself in a casino. The problem is that the payouts can be a bit on the low end for the classic odds. This is the precise reason to play Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette.

Evolution is all about adaptation, and that is exactly what Lightning Roulette is. Taking something that has been proved throughout time to be an exciting and consistent game for gamblers and raising the stakes is a perfect storm of a new casino classic.

Bigger Payouts

Lightning Roulette’s payouts work quite differently than the normal odds variant. Your host will begin play by spinning the wheel and rolling the ball. As the wheel’s pockets pass the ball by, the host will close the betting window and pull a golden lever. Behind the host, there is a golden screen that will relay the Lucky Numbers to everyone currently eligible to play. The differences are subtle, but the payouts are anything but!

The amount of Lucky Numbers are randomized in a range of 2-5. The wheel’s pockets illuminate to show the Lucky Numbers to all who are currently in play. The multipliers associated with your randomly selected Lucky Numbers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X.

This brings a much larger level of excitement and potential winnings when you play Lightning Roulette as opposed to the classic odds variation. It is true that you will only win 30:1 if you get a straight win on a number that is not multiplied as a Lucky Number, but the upside of up to 500X is worth the risk.

New Game, New Strategies

Throw out your old strategies. Betting odds/evens, reds/blacks, and the Martindale strategy won’t cut it here. It may keep you afloat, but it won’t leverage the unique volatility that Lightning Roulette provides. Try betting on a widespread array of straight up numbers instead.

Lightning Roulette gives players a little taste of what it’s like to get struck by lightning. The odds are incredibly long, but the power you feel inside you as the current courses is an experience that is second to none. Feel a level of excitement you cannot feel when you play classic odds Roulette and try a few rounds of Lightning Roulette.

Skip the Lines and Smoke

Since the onset of the pandemic, more and more services and businesses have found themselves doing more online business. The two year process weeded out the contenders and pretenders of the remote live gaming industry. Right at the top of this list is Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette.

Lightning Roulette provides players an exciting and easily accessible online gambling experience that most people have to go to the casino to get.

More on the Line, Online

Normal odds Roulette tops out at a 37:1 payout. That is a decent payout, but Lightning Roulette online tops players out at up to 500X of their wagers. This multiplier is more of a slot machine multiplier, and is the secret to get massive winnings online.

Gameplay Basics

A single payout offers a 30:1 payout. The reduction is necessary to absorb the multipliers that come with the Lucky Numbers!

Lightning Roulette online follows the template laid out by normal odds roulette with an electric supercharge of winnings. The host will adhere to normal odds Roulette protocols until it is time to unveil the elusive Lucky Numbers.

After bets close, the host pulls a lever and the Lucky Numbers are there for everyone online to see. Even their space on the board lights up giving the air even more electricity. The Lucky Number multipliers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X.

How Many Lucky Numbers are There?

Lucky Numbers, and their respective multipliers appear in groups of 2 to 5. The selective 500X multiplier won’t be in every round, but 100-300X are incredibly common. Even those multipliers make the online game worth trying.

Black and Gold

The HUD, board, and chat all follow an appealing black and gold color scheme that screams luxury. It is very easy to get lost in the visually pleasing features of this online game.

Be Yourself

This is NOT normal odds Roulette. I repeat, it is not normal odds Roulette. Things that work there won’t necessarily work here. You can play it safe and do what everyone else is doing, but when has anyone ever made history that way?

Feel free to explore strategies for yourself. Stick around in a lobby and keep an eye on what is working, you may be surprised. The volatility of the odds and multipliers of the Lucky Numbers are a tool that normal odds Roulette doesn’t have, so just use it!