Lightning Roulette Demo

Some things you just need to do to learn. This is true of so many things, and the same can be said about Lightning Roulette. There is no true demo version of the game, but with a small deposit you can see the game being played live. This approach gives you the opportunity to see which numbers are hitting, how the game works, and how different it is from the normal odds version.

Learning Without a Demo?

After you make a small deposit, you can learn from other players in the lobby. It shouldn’t take you too long to get the hang of how the game works. It is a very entertaining watch even without a bet on the line. The black and gold aesthetic, experienced hosts, and chat feature make it entertaining while you learn.

Lightning Strikes

There are a few differences in Lightning Roulette that you will not see in normal odds Roulette. Step by step there are not too many differences, but there are enough that you will want to watch a few demo rounds before you place a bet.

There’s still your normal wheel, pockets, ball, and wager protocols. The ball gets dropped and revolves around the wheel’s pockets. The host will close the bets and pull a gold lever on the wall. This is where the Lucky Numbers are revealed. There will be anywhere from 2 to five Lucky numbers with unique multipliers associated with them. These Lucky Number multipliers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X. Now the differences seem far more apparent, huh? The payouts are like lightning strikes when you manage to get one of these.

A straight up win on a normal, non-lucky number, is 30:1. This is due to the insane volatility that the Lucky Numbers provide. The trick is to use this volatility to fuel your profits. Do you have the patience, luck, and strategy to meet that challenge?

Redirect the Current

Normal odds Roulette strategies may not be the best way to approach Evolution Gaming’s take on the casino mainstay. If individual numbers are the ones with increased odds, why wouldn’t you try to take advantage of this? Odds/evens, Martingale, and reds/black aren’t the best way to capitalize on the volatility that leads to the monstrous payouts offered by Lightning Roulette. Try to alter your strategies to match the change in gameplay and take your chances with the massive multipliers you can find in Lightning Roulette.

Download for Free

Evolution Gaming has really upped the standard for casino gaming. Their new take on an old classic, Lightning Roulette, is an up and down thrill ride that offers big payouts that far exceed those of normal odds Roulette. Download it for free and make a small deposit to start playing the reimagined casino classic.

Free Yourself from Convention

The secret to winning big is volatility. Sure, classic Roulette offers 36:1 or 37:1 topps. When you’re playing Lightning Roulette however, you are looking at payouts up to 500X.

If you are keeping score at home, that is substantially higher than the payouts of normal odds Roulette.

Huge Payouts

Make your choices, but be warned. Lightning Roulette offers a substantial 30:1 odds on a normal outright win. How they have changed it is based upon the Lucky Number reveal.

As Bets close, the host will pull a golden lever that introduces 2-5 Lucky Numbers. These Lucky Numbers light up with a high quality electricity effect on the digital board, showing people exactly where the Lucky Numbers are.

The Lucky Numbers on the screen are given a multiplier, this is Lightning Roulette’s way to free itself from its normal odds counterpart. The multiplier associated with the Lucky Numbers can be one of the following: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X.

As you can see, a small bet can still be a huge winner in Lightning Roulette. The minimum bet is .2 euros and tops out at 2,000 euros, so any budget can play.

Style and Punch

The aesthetic of Lightning Roulette is easy to get immersed in. The black and gold layout is reflective of the luxury you could expect if you manage to hit one of those massive 500X Lucky Numbers. The chat, wagers, and download are all incredibly easy to navigate so you can get right to betting, winning, and playing Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette.

Feel Free to Explore

Don’t limit yourself to conventional Roulette strategies. It isn’t normal odds Roulette, so don’t play it like it is! You may find some success, but you are not optimizing the volatile multipliers that Lightning Roulette offers. Spread your wagers all over the board to cover as many bets that your bankroll can realistically handle and be patient. Just because there’s Lucky Numbers doesn’t mean it will land on it! Go download Lightning Roulette for free and test your luck against the primal forces of nature.