Lightning Roulette APK

Gamblers have always loved the Roulette wheel. Those extroverted ones at least. The host, other players, and anyone they brought with them all weigh in on the hot and cold numbers as they watch the wheel turn. The Lightning Roulette APK game gives that sense of excitement and comradery from anywhere you can get a data connection! Evolution Gaming’s APK download is free, and with a small deposit, you can start playing from anywhere you may be.

Luxury on the Go

With your small deposit in your bankroll, you can now see luxury brought to life. The sleek black and gold aesthetic of the game invites bets and whispers payouts that far exceed normal odds Roulette.

Keep a Charge

Watch your battery life on your device because you may not want to put it down once the ball drops in your favor. The biggest difference between normal odds and Lightning Roulette is the Lucky Numbers.

Certain things will look and feel familiar to the seasoned Roulette players. The ball, host, wheel, and pockets all resemble the things they know and love. The feeling is even right. The wager protocols are virtually identical. This will flatten the learning curve so you don’t have to waste time learning a whole new APK gambling game. The host opens bets, spins the wheel, and drops the ball.

The wrinkle comes when they pull the golden lever on the wall. The screen behind them will illuminate and display 2 to 5 Lucky numbers and their associated multipliers. Multipliers are: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X. Now the potential for massive payouts in the Lightning Roulette APK game are more visible. These Lucky Numbers light up on the beautifully designed HUD, adding yet another layer of excitement to the game.

Lightning Odds

The seasoned Roulette adepts may want to go back to the drawing board for their strategies for the Lightning Roulette APK game. The massive payouts that the Lucky Number multipliers offer are the driving force in the game. So what sense would employing conventional strategies make to something like the Lightning Roulette APK game?

Betting odds/evens, reds/blacks, and the progressive strategies won’t fully take advantage of the volatility and high winning potential that is offered by the Lucky Number multipliers. Spread the wealth! Try to give yourself as much of an opportunity as possible to get the ball to land on a Lucky Number. The world is going mobile, your Roulette strategies should too!

Download Lightning Roulette APK

If you need a break from conventional casino games to shake up your recreation time, try downloading Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Roulette in the app store. The download is free and takes about as much time as it does to make a cup of coffee. When you download the game, all you need to do is make a small deposit, then you are ready to throw your hat into the ring, or ball into the pocket, of an exciting new take on an old classic, that just may have your bankroll explode!

What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal is when you download Lightning Roulette, you are supercharging your Roulette gameplay. You are taking a maximum of a 37:1 win all the way up to a maximum of 500:1 shot. Shocking, isn’t it?

Try to Stay Grounded

The best a normal win in Lightning Roulette can win is 30:1 odds. Why so low? Well, when the host spins the wheel, drops the ball, and pulls the lever, it will be hard to stay grounded. The stylish gold display behind the host will display two to five Lucky Numbers. If the ball lands on one of these Lucky Numbers, the payouts are massive. The Lucky Number multipliers are as follows: 50X, 100X, 200X, 300X, 400X, and 500X.

This is a completely different Roulette experience that you may want to give a try if your other games get a little stale. There is a lot to love in the Lightning Roulette download. The aesthetic is a very stylish black and gold, the chat feature gives you the flavor of interacting with other players at the table, and there’s a feeling of electricity when the Lucky Numbers are revealed.

Electricity in the Air

After bets have closed, and the Lucky Numbers have been revealed, their spaces on the display light up with an awesome electricity effect that brings a massive level of excitement if you have a bet on that square.

Path of Least Resistance

Electricity follows the path of least resistance, and you should too when you download Lightning Roulette. Don’t stick to your normal strategies. They may have worked for you in the past in your adventures into normal odds Roulette, but maybe not here. Leverage the volatility of the Lucky Numbers and try to give yourself the highest odds to hit that one massive multiplier!